Beijing Academy of Creative Arts


Scope / Interior Design
Function / Academy of Creative Arts
Size / 1,382 sqm
Location / Beijing, China
Status / Completed

Superimpose designed the new home of the Beijing Academy of Creative Arts as a bright, flexible, fun, and student-centered space, which invites the students to collaborate and get inspired by other art disciplines. Here, the plan of a typical school has been re-invented by pushing the usually dark corridor to the facade, which enables the daylight to enter the studio rooms whilst avoiding the direct sunlight interference. Simultaneously the corridor provides an interesting ‘Promenade of Arts’. The studio rooms can be isolated from the corridor at the times of elective classes by large curtains, which also help to reduce sounds pollution substantially.

As Superimpose was only responsible for the concept design, smart cost-saving strategies had to be found early on in the design process in order to make the design unique and powerful and allow for a free interpretation of the concept to its built end-result. The plan has been dictated by how students interact and seek for inspiration. Furniture and light fixtures have been re-cycled and re-used from other schools, as is all the equipment such as sewing machines and mannequins. To guarantee the functionality of the current open floor plan, all the activities that cause sound impact to others – such as model-making, dyeing and printing workshops – have been isolated in full-height glass boxes at the back of their respective studio units.