Non-gated City


Scope / Masterplan Design and Architecture
Size / 40.000 sqm
Location / Changzhi, Shanxi, China

Superimpose’s first mixed use project is located in Changzhi, the greenest and most livable city in Shanxi. The project’s total GFA is 40,000 sqm and is composed of two residential towers, a hotel, an office and retail podium. Currently the project is on site. Expected project completion is the end of 2018.

Superimpose is the appointed architect for both master plan and architecture stages and has set its goal to create a unique residential typology in Changzhi. The underlying living culture and acceptance to a new design typology for a fourth tier city like Changzhi are the main drives for the overall design. The project is part of the city’s new CBD development and distinguishes itself from its surrounding residential projects as the first non-gated community.

The master plan design responds to site conditions by a diagonal pedestrian zone through the site connecting the two main surrounding plots. The diagonal is instigating a juxtaposition of the tower’s rotation angle creating two landmarks and meets a sunken plaza halfway. This is where commercial trade and community activities happen. Within tight market driven parameters, Superimpose is designing a new typology of residential façade that allows flexibility in usage and maintenance.