Members Club Beijing


Scope / Exclusive Members Club
Size / 203 sqm
Location / Beijing
Status / Completed 2017
Photographs / Marc Goodwin

For a private client, Superimpose designed an exclusive wine lounge, tea-house, wine cellar and office space. The project is situated at the top floor of one of Beijing’s newest and most high-end tower developments. The club will only be accessible to a private group of members.

The interior design is focused on creating two different worlds. The space is separated by a central element, distinguishing office space of the equity office from a private Members club.

The members club is where the client stores and consumes his valuable wine and tea collection. The central element has a ‘hidden’ door, through which the members enter into an exclusive wine lounge and tea room offering spectacular views over Beijing’s financial district. The central stainless steel element creates a backdrop for the bright space while the mirrored wall acts as an extension of the skyline. Hidden behind the mirrored wall and only visible in the evening the exclusive wine cellar is situated.