WELL Living Lab Beijing / Under Construction


Scope / Laboratory and Office
Size / 2.400 sqm
Location / Shunyi, Beijing
Status / Under Construction
Photographs / Superimpose

Superimpose designed Asia’s first-state of the art- Well Living Lab. The 26,000 sqm development will be located in Beijing. It will arise in a WELL-oriented industrial park, which is being developed by Sino-Ocean Group. The first phase of 2.400 sqm is currently under construction.

Quote Delos:

‘The Well Living Lab (China) will be the first scientific research center in Asia to integrate building science, behavioral science, and health science to help quantify and ultimately improve the impact that indoor environments have on human health, wellness, comfort, and performance. Through this research, the Lab aims to spur innovations that will help address indoor environmental challenges specifically related to the local climate, environment and culture in China.’

The new office park will erect within an existing factory site. Over the last three decades, the site was in use by a factory recycling plastic bottles. The site will be redeveloped maintaining and embracing the character of the site whilst integrating functions and human centered and sustainable office park requirements.

The challenge is to strike a balance in massing between the existing factory and the new high-density office buildings. The design aims to strengthen connectivity between old and new buildings, provide a diversity of communal and private spaces meanwhile retaining an office park environment.