The Juice Hub


Scope / Juice, Coffee and Sandwich bar
Size / 10 sqm
Location / Beijing
Status / Concept Design

Superimpose is designing a juice, coffee and food hub for a business district near downtown Beijing.

The hub’s unique selling point is providing outstanding service that goes along with the high-end office environment. Superimpose reacts to this specific service-oriented target by proposing the design concept of a theatrical stage, with sales staff in the spotlight.

Two large curtains surround the ‘Main Stage’. The exterior curtain will protect the juice store from weather influences such as wind, direct sunlight, extreme heat and cold. The interior curtain acts as a colourful backdrop to the hub and as an additional ‘Winter Coat’ during colder times. The curtains allow for the juice store to operate during all the seasons with their respective weather types. During the hot and humid Beijing summer, the curtains will open up towards the shaded sides to allow for maximum air ventilation and store visibility, whilst at the same time parts of the curtain can be used to create necessary shading. During wintertime, the curtain will be draped in a more enclosed configuration, allowing for the guest to visit the store protected from the cold Beijing winter.

The juice bar is slightly elevated on a platform to enhance the ‘Stage’ concept. A wooden canopy creates a powerful and elegant gesture, highlighting and covering the circular sales counter. The sales counter is divided into 6 segments that all have a specific function. The circular counter-configuration allows for approaching the hub from all different directions. At the same time it will generate a natural customer flow around the different sales displays. During office hours the hub will act as a sales hub for juice, cakes, wraps, sandwiches and coffee. At night-time and during the weekends the hub will transform to an event space, gathering space and point of interest in the landscape. The canopy and the platform can be extended into every possible shape and size making it possible to respond to different needs and possibly to other future sites as well.