Market Hybrid


Scope / Food Market and Residential Appartment Tower
Floor to area Ratio / 6.9
Size / 72.353 sqm
Location / Changzhi, Shanxi Province
Status / Concept Stage / Pending for Government approval

Changzhi is aims to develop towards a second tier city and in order to achieve that goal, large part of the city are being reconsidered. The former market at our current site has been demolished. Superimpose and the client proposed to re-develop the site and making it a profitable development but suggested to keep the nature of the site as a gathering space for the surrounding inhabitant.

The new market will be tucked away under a mid-end residential tower. The first two levels will address human scale and is designed as an open canopy structure that allows for flexible market and event configuration. The third floor will become a  multi-purpose event and retail space. The 4th level will host all the public functions for the tower’s inhabitant. At the north side of the plot, the ground floor has been carefully considered to address the residents using the upper-part of the tower.