Up Side Down


Scope / Beijing Design Week Kids Festival
Size / 25 sqm
Location / Beijing
Status / Completed 2016
Photographs / Samantha Camozzi

Superimpose creates shadow play ground using fabric cones and flashlights.

Superimpose Architecture Studio responds to the 2016 Beijing Kids Design Week theme, ‘Grow Down and Shrink Up’, by creating ‘Shadow Play’. This interactive and low-tech installation is meant for the young to ‘grow’ and for the adults to feel young and playful again. It brings imagination to kids and adults in the simplest form.

The installation blurs the differences between all ages by using our own shadow. The black silhouette doesn’t reveal specific features nor represents our age. ‘Shadow Play’ is accessible, inviting people of all ages to explore the simple relationship between light, body and the shadow.

‘Shadow Play’ is neither an obstruction nor an art piece. It is an open for all, user-friendly, spatial; most important of all, it is fun. Instead of walls Superimpose chose textile. Textile allows light transmission. At the same time, the fabric allows for very flexible usage.

The fabric is sculpted as a cone, 2-meter-tall, with a 1.4m diameter base tapered up to a 700mm diameter top. A series of eleven cones is suspended from the ceiling, while partially hung upside down to allow shadows to be casted differently. Together, the cones form an architectural composition.  The installation invites people of all age to step in and be part of this shadow play ground.

Superimpose collaborated with a local Beijing tailor to develop and design the specificities of the installation.