Sky-Cellar Beijing


Scope / Wine Cellar
Size / 25 sqm
Location / Beijing
Status / Completed 2017
Photographs / Marc Goodwin

For a private client, Superimpose designed an exclusive wine cellar. The project is situated on the top floor of one of Beijing’s newest and most high-end tower developments.The 25 sqm wine cellar stores up to 500 bottles of wine from six famous wine regions around the world; Bourdeaux, Rhone Valley, Burgundy, Napa, Mosel and Barolo.

The members enter the hidden wine cellar through wine cellar doors that mirror the skyline of Beijing. During day time, the mirrored glass doors hide away the wine cellar and protect the wine from direct sunlight. In the evening the light within the wine cellar reveals the 500 bottles of wine through the mirrored glass forming a backdrop to the wine lounge.

The glass floor of the wine cellar covers an abstract representation of a map with the 6 different wine regions. The wine bottles can either be stored stacked or inclined to display the bottle etiquette without blocking the crucial air circulation.